Enrollment for the Cryopreserving of cord blood and cord lining membrane stem cells services

To facilitate the registration and the collection umbilical cord procedures, as well as to reduce the risk that your child’s stem cells have some pathogenics, please note these following points:

Print or request MekoStem to send you this information kit to read or to use as registration forms.

- Contact MekoStem as soon as you decide to store your baby’s stem cells or when you have questions about the service, as well as the registration form (please call at office hours.: In Ho Chi Minh city: (08) 38686546; In Ha Noi: (04) 35143535; In Danang: (0511) 3653179).

- If you decide to participate in the program, please contact MekoStem so that you can be provided the Laboratory Test Order (or you can download here…..). You should take the tests early, but not earlier than one month before your intended delivery date (or before week 35 of your pregnancy). If you do this early, it can give you more time to finish the needed registration steps, as well as give us time to arrange with the hospital. If you don’t finish the registration steps before going into labor, MekoStem and even the hospital will not be able to collect your samples.

- When your blood test results come back and is acceptable by MekoStem, you can fill in and sign in these following document to proceed with MekoStem’s registration: the dossier for Registration to participate in the cryopreserving of umbilical cord stem cells (link download….)

- After signing the contract and paying the service fee, you need to notify MekoStem the expected date, time, and hospital of your delivery. Especially as soon as you have any signs of going into labor, you or your family have to call these numbers of our collection team, so that we can be at the hospital on time for you. If you are in Ho Chi Minh City, please call Mr. Tuan 0986 808274, or Mr. Canh 0933 511393; in Hanoi, please call: Dr. Dai: 0982 988026 or Mr. Quảng: 0978 846013.

Our sincere thanks, and wish you will have a smooth delivery.

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