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MekoStem – A “niche” for Stem cell and Stem cell Research

MekoStem is a stem cell bank established by Mekophar Chemical Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company pursuant to Letter No. 4001/UBND-VX dated 25/06/2008 of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee and Decision No. 3144/QD-BYT issued by Ministry of Health on 30/08/2011 and No.1650/BYT/GPHĐNHTBG on 19/10/2020. MekoStem is the first bank in Vietnam achieve AABB certificate (Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies).

MekoStem provides services in collecting, processing and cryopreseving of stem cells from umbilical cord (a product usually is discarded as medical waste after birth) to be used for medical purposes such as treating diseases, depends on customers’ needs and aspirations. For that, MekoStem operates with the motto: FOR YOUR CHILD’S, YOUR FAMILY’S AND THE COMMUNITY’S HEALTH. If your family has sufficient economic condition, join our service for storing umbilical cord stem cells of the new member in the family, which can be used for his or herself and other family members as well.

Adding to the joy of welcoming a new member of the family, the family will be happier knowing that the baby’s umbilical cord, instead of been thrown as medical waste, is kept to harvest living cells, contributing directly or indirectly in saving other’s lives.

During the time of operation and development, MekoStem always focused on expanding the cooperation with other operating units with the same provided science area both international and domestic for learning, exchanging to improve professional knowledge. Therefore, in 2010, MekoStem joined and became the 11th official member of the Asian Pacific Cord Blood Bank Consortium (called APCBBC)

APCBBS has established since 2002 in order to boost the awareness and the importance of Umbilical cord blood stem cells storage and apply it for treatment in community (for further information, please visit the website: www.apcbbc.org/index.html).

To update and create new informative environment for scientific exchange between Stem Cell banks in the APCBBC, annual meeting is held (only between members of the Association). The venue is held alternatively between members:

In 2010: Hong Kong

In 2011: India

In 2012: Egypt

In 2013: Vietnam, on October 23rd and 24th2013 at Pullman Resort, Da Nang City.

Official member of the Asian Pacific Cord Blood Bank Consortium

Fuctions of Mekostem

Operating the stem cell bank
  • Cord blood stem cells
  • Cord lining membrane stem cells
  • Stem cells from other sources
  • Using MekoStem’s products in medical treatment
  • Developing medicines and cosmetics from stem cell
  • Cooperating and supporting other institutes and hospitals