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With the advantages of being the daughter company of Mekophar Chemical Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, familiar with GLP, GMP (WHO), GSP criteria, MekoStem’s infrastructure is built based on GLP criteria, and has been highly appreciated by many experts who come and visit frequently.

Our laboratory is equipped with a central air conditioning system and a separate air filter system. Atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and the amount of dust in each room are tightly observed and controlled. The principle of clean rooms for pharmaceutical manufacturing or aseptic manipulation is applied in the laboratory include:

  • Principles of isolation: The various function rooms are separated from each other by layers of glass , one-way doors and pass boxes . Each room has its own air intake and is independent of the other rooms.
  • Principles of stratification: Rooms require cleanest level (Level B) are isolated from the external environment through airlock and intermediate room.
  • The principle of one-way ventilation: higher level clean rooms have higher atmospheric pressure than the lower level clean rooms.
  • Principles of one-way moving for technicians: Technicians who work in the laboratory must obey this principal, in which they must come in and go out of the room in different and pre-designated doors, not using the same one. Before working in the lab, they are required to change clothes twice and wash their hands by sanitizer.
  • Principles of one-way transferring labwares and chemicals in and out of the laboratory: labwares and chemicals are transferred to the processing room through pass boxes . This 2 doors pass box require that each time only one side can open, to ensure airflow can only move from room with higher positive pressure (higher level clean room ) to room with lower positive pressure(lower level clean room) .
  • Principles of one-way delivering for tissue samples , cells from receiving room to preliminary processing room, to stem cells processing room, and finally to cell preservation room through pass boxes.

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