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AABB (the American Association of Blood Banks) is an international, nonprofit Association representing individuals and institutions involved in the fields of transfusion medicine and biotherapies. The Association is committed to improving health through the mission of development and delivery of standards, educational programs that focus on optimizing patient and donor care and safety and recognition any facility which is voluntary to fulfil AABB’s standards.

AABB members are located in more than 80 countries and AABB accredited institutions are in more than 50 countries. The MekoStem Stem Cell Bank is proud to be the first Stem Cell Bank in Viet Nam which was recognized by its name on the list of accredited members of AABB.

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For such achievements, The MekoStem Stem Cell Bank has constantly strived for new modern infrastructure, meeting the international standards, advanced, synchronous and highly automated equipment system, a team of highly qualified and professional human resources, strictly complying with the regulations of the Association. Through many self –assessment and direct assessment from AABB, MekoStem has proven itself as one of stem cell banks has selection method, processing, storing and supplying cord blood stem cells achieve international standards. It reflects that MekoStem officially became the first stem cell bank in Vietnam to meet international standards.

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